Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Working on a quilt for little J this past month...and I just looked up and found that it was February already!  Sheeesh... I didn't even write anything in January. :( Sorry...   I can tell you why, though, if your wondering.   Three days before Christmas I got sick with the flu. Then it went into Bronchitus and lasted til after New Years!  yuck...  

We had to postpone Christmas with the children and grandchildren so they wouldn't catch anything, and we ended up leaving the tree up so long I had to dust the ornaments!  

So anyway...that's what happened to January. 

About mid way through I started on this sweet quilt for little J.  It's stars with a black and white checked border.  I'll get a photo up here for you soon.  I wasn't feeling well enough to sit at the sewing machine when I began I hand pieced it!  Now, I'm hand quilting it...which I did not intend to do. I wanted to do learn free motion quilting and use the wonderful new foot my sister, Joy, gave me for Christmas. 

Unfortunately...I found that free motion quilting is not as easy as it looks! Sooo, not wanting to mess up the pretty star quilt...I decided just to hand quilt it. I'm exactly halfway finished today!

Gotta run for now, sweeties...   I have church tonight and I'm teaching the little girls to crochet!  They are so excited about learning.  I'll let you know how that goes... have a blessed day!  Love and happiness...Kate

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