Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catching up...

Wow... I can't believe I let so much time go by without blogging here. I had such a nice start, too!  But now I'm back.  I'll have to catch you up, though... so much has happened!

My family was staying with us during that summer when I began this blog...while trying to find a new house in a town nearby.  They finally did find their dream home and my daughter, Sweet M, is busily decorating it these days!  She is very happy and content in her new town and nestled in her dream home. That makes her mom, verrrry happy!

My big guy, D, graduated from highschool last June. He is a second generation "home school kid" and so this was a very big moment. I am so proud of him. He is now enrolled in classes at the Jr. college in their new town and has a girlfriend and everything.... The only thing that makes one happier than seeing their children happy...is seeing their grandchildren happy... :)

Little J is still homeschooling. He loves it... He has a play group that he meets with every week at a local park and looks very forward to this time of making new friends. 

As for me... well, let's see. I now have one more rabbit, 2 more dogs, (rescues) and six more goats!  Ohhh, how I love my goats. They are all Nubians... Claire, Abbie, (Claire's mom), Rachel and Leah (twins, born to Abbie last Spring, Oliver, (our first Buck) and Thaddeus, a whether, that basically keeps Oliver company.  Ohhh, they are beautiful.   I think Claire and Emma (the one goat I had when I started this blog) are pregnant...so we will soon have more baby goats running around, making us smile.  Ill keep you posted on their progress.

For now...I am enjoying the cooler weather...after a terribly hot summer here in Texas. And I'm decorating the house for Christmas.  I love Christmas. It's such a happy, gentle, snugly time of year. When most of us put aside our differences to do kindness to others and to one another...as Jesus would have us do all year...  

I'm always very sentimental at this time of year. Thinking back on Christmas' past and on my children's childhoods...as well as my own.  It's very easy to have regrets and think of all the things we could have done better.  But I try to sweep those thoughts from my mind...and only concentrate on what I can do better today.   Life has a way of mellowing everyone. Of putting things in the right priority.  And with each passing year...I find that I enjoy Christmas more, and with much less stress...as I focus on the giving of myself...my time...my efforts to others...rather than "stuff"... and take in the beauty of each day and what it brings. There is always something beautiful even in the midst of great  hardship... weather it's having a roof over your head and warm bed to sleep in, or the stars that twinkle above us each night.  We just have to look for it sometimes...and look past all the things that try to discourage and deflate our Christmas cheer...  I pray that as you go through this first week of the Christmas season...you will find the beauty of Joy, Love and Peace...if even for a moment. Let's make it the merriest Christmas ever!  Love and Happiness to you and yours...♥ Kate