Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy, Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer!

It's been a crazy summer. First, I had eye surgery...yuk...but I'm OK now and can see much better!
Then...sadly, we lost 3 of our baby goats. My husband, trying to help out after my surgery, (bless his heart) mixed corn in with the goat feed...thinking they would like it. And they did....too much.  :-(

Then, we bought new laminate and took all the carpet out of the house. We thought it would go down in a know snap, snap. Well, that's what it showed on the box! Yessss...I believed it. And Yessss, it was not totally true.  It would go down snap, snap, if we had 10 or 12 guys helping us...but we don't.

Soooo....We have the kitchen, hall and dining room done (almost)... but still need the living room and all three bedrooms!  Wondering (hoping) it will be done by Christmas...sigh... cat, Trevor, somehow managed to fall and break his little tail up close to his little butt. The vet said he "might" recover feeling and ability to use the litter box...and then again...he might not. He amputated the tail... and I made a little diaper cover and used pantie liners for the diaper. He looked both pitiful and adorable at the same!  It worked...but then I had change cat nappies all the time.  Eventually, though, he recovered and can use his litter box. He no longer enjoys being outside, however, and stays close to mama... 

Next up..."Scruffy".   We already have four dogs, so when this big, shaggy, burr covered boy came down our driveway...we just knew we couldn't keep him.  I thought he must be somebodies baby that has gotten out and I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to locate his owner. Talking to neighbors...placing signs around the neighborhood and local shops.  Nobody came forward.   Have you ever seen the movie, "Beethoven"?  Yeah...well that is exactly what happened.

One by one the fliers flew off the telephone poles and day by day, Scruffy made himself at home, getting in our hearts a little more with each passing week.  Now...we have to admit he's ours!

So how has your summer been going?  Gotten any sewing done?  Vacations?  Let me know! a PS... for some reason I lost all my "followers" on here and cannot figure out how to put the "follow" link back up...urrrrggg.  I'll keep trying. So if you wanna follow me...just keep checking back. Sooner or later I will figure out!  Love, and happiness...Kate~