Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Goats Everywhere! I've been AWOL for a bit. But hey...I have an excuse! You see, I have goats. And this is kidding season!  And I have been busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs...

First, Claire gave us two lovely little does. I named them Merci and Grace. And then our Abbie gave us triplets! Two does and a little buckling that is an absolute honey. All white except for his ears, which are long and puppy dog brown. Their names are Prudence, Purity & Prince.  Unfortunately, we lost little Prudence after only 21 days.  She was the healthiest one, too. Don't know what happened. We just found her passed away in her little sleeping house. Very sad.

Then Rachel gave us twins. A little doe and a buckling. But she rejected them! Refused to feed them. So guess who got to be goat mama?  I told you I had been busy, right? 

For the first couple of weeks they had to be bottle fed every few hours day and night! Boy was I tired. Now it is a little better as they can go five or six hours between feedings. 

They think I am their real mama and run to me bahhing loudly everytime I go outside.  They are so adorable. I've been letting them spend more time with the herd lately so they can figure out that they are "goats"...and I am only their foster mom!  But it's really hard...they are like my babies now.

Finally, our Leah gave us one little doe that looks exactly like her! I named her Joy Belle...because she was born on my sister, Joy's birthday...and she is...a "little Joy"... my baby goat...AND my

So what have you been doing? Write and tell me. I love to hear from you!