Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall At The Cottage Already!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's October already!  I've been very naughty about keeping this blog.  But in all fairness to myself...I did have company all summer. My sweet daughter and two precious grandsons.  I tried to spend as much time as I could making memories with that didn't leave much time to blog.

But  we did, indeed, make some lovely memories.  Little J. made a  habit of jumping up next to me on the wide arm of my big brown rocking chair every day, and we colored "stained glass windows" and wrote stories together.  He reckoned we were so creative that we should have a website of our own in which to sell our famous "Doodles", as he called them...and made plans of how we were going to spend all of the money we would make...

Little J. also spent a great deal of time playing with our new dog, Beau.  We found him on the county road last Spring when he was only about 6 weeks old. Now he is 8 month old and such  a delight. Not  day goes by that Beau does not make us laugh at his antics. And when he and little J. were together, we laughed so much it hurt some times. Beau would get his favorite toy and run round and round the dining room table with little J. in hot pursuit...but giggling so fiercely that he had to stop and get his breath. During which time, Beau-Beau would stop and wait for him to begin the chase again.  They were quite pair, and even now, I stop and smile when I remember those days. Sort of like left over laughter...

My big guy, D...a teenager now, spent most of his time playing video games and reading. He does love to read...which I love about him. I guess because I like to read so much, too.  It's always been for me, a secret door into another world...reading.

He and I went to the library several times during the summer and that in itself was  delight. Perusing the isles and then pouring over stacks of books at the big table...trying to decide which ones were actually worth taking home.  We also went to church together on Wednesday nights...he to the teen meeting and me to the main sanctuary. Afterward we would stop for a hamburger and milkshake at our favorite drive in restaurant and talk about "stuff". 

And my daughter, sweet M. and I spent mornings chatting and crocheting together. She has made crochet her new love...and she's quite good it, too!  We both are fans of know, of Attic 24?  And we had the best time all summer making colorful crocheted goodies like our cyber friend.  I finished  a ripple blanket and a pillow, and I'm almost finished with the lovely crocheted bag that Lucy has a tutorial for.  Here's Lucy's...mine is not finished yet.

Sweet M. also developed  love for our last remaining three chickens while she was here.  Zoe, Choe & Marsha.  They are darling chickens and they took to following sweet M. wherever she went....while keeping up a rather steady cackling stream of chicken conversation.

We also became fascinated by a huge garden spider that made it's web between the porch railing and the light. Each day the spider would grow larger and larger. We lovingly named him Harvey...but at summer's end, Harvey produced some teeny tiny little we had to change his...ahem..."her" name to Harvietta.
We actually became quite attached to Harvietta, even to the point of finding her a grasshopper for dinner when it seemed as if she hadn't been able to catche anything for herself for a few days. Wierd...I know... but hey... it's the circle of life!  Look closely...there she is in the left hand corner...

All in was  a fast but wonderful and memorable summer. And I concluded it by giving myself a little present that I found while perusing another awesome blog I found called "Nest Decorating" . There I met the lovely and talented "Tamar". She makes some of the prettiest jewelry and hair pretties that I've ever seen. When I landed on the photo of her Victorian heart went skippity skip and I knew I had to  have it. It cost me all my pocket money for the month but it is soooo worth it! I am now waiting eagerly for it to arrive in my mailbox.  Don't you love it? Please go visit her lovely shop where you will find many other beautiful pieces like this.

And now I am ready for the quickly approaching holidays.  This week-end we are carving pumpkins. Well...Mr. G and young G, our college boy and last child at home will be carving pumpkins. I, on the other hand, will be making  a pumpkin pie and decorating the house for Fall.   I'll pop in on Monday and tell you how it all went and give you  a glimpse of our Autumn cottage...  you have  a lovely week-end, too.   
Love and happiness...Kate~

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